Vacation: Know the mystery of the forest along with the mountain river, find such an offbeat place near your home!

Many people do not want to leave Kolkata during Puja time. After Diwali, many people are eager to visit Durga Puja. And when it comes to vacation, mountains have long been at the top of most people’s wish lists. But calling it a mountain sounds like the same Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Shimla for a long time. Apart from this, leaving aside the noise of the city, people respond to the beauty of the mountains to enjoy the peace of silence for some time. Therefore, now the attraction for offbeat places is increasing among tourists.

There are many unnamed places in Sikkim which tourists have not yet explored. But nature has showered its wealth everywhere. The view of such a place is found in this report. The name of the place is ‘Jogighat’. With the thrill of the green forest beside the mountain river Riang and the sound of the spring all night long, the environment is different, which cannot be imagined sitting in this brick-and-stone city.

Yogighat is three and a half thousand feet high. Apart from winter, summer is also very enjoyable here. Nature has decorated Yogighat with utmost love. There are many tourist places near here. From Yogī Ghat to Namthaing Pokhari, one can visit or go to Karshiang or Mumbai. You will also find trees filled with orange trees. Know the rest of the information here.

Now the question is, how to go and where to stay? Yogighat can be reached by two roads from New Jalpaiguri and Siliguri. Either through Rohini Road, Karshiang, or Dilaram. You can also go through Sevak Road, Rambhi, Mongpu, and Lambda. There are many homestays available in Yogighat, where it is possible to eat and drink for Tk 1200-1500 per person. If you are an adventure lover, then there are arrangements for that too. For adventure and mystery lovers, tents can also be pitched along the river Riang.

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