Ind-Ban Cruise: Opportunity to go from Kolkata to Dhaka on a water route via Sundarban, know how much is the fare?

India and Bangladesh are two neighboring countries. Despite the discord between them, India and Bangladesh remain united in many ways including tradition and culture. Just as India has been by Bangladesh’s side since its independence in many ways, Bangladesh has also been by India’s side in many ways. Therefore, the better the relations between Delhi and Dhaka are, the better the relations between Bengal and other Bengal. Apart from tourism, the two countries complement each other in various aspects almost all the time. And this time, we will board the Pramodam River and take a luxurious journey on the water route from Bengal to the other side of Bengal. But how? Learn from the rest of this article.

It is learned that this time the tour from Dhaka to Kolkata will be done in a luxurious cruise. Jalseema will do this cruise after booking Sunderbans. That’s why this time, through this popular source, there will be solidity about India and Bangladesh, this is the idea of ​​this cruise director’s organization. It is learned that this journey will be conducted from Bangladesh. According to sources, two organizations named Shipping Lines and Backpackwala have organized this cruise journey. This luxurious procession will start its journey from Dhaka, reach Kolkata, and then reach Dhaka again.

It has been learned about the itinerary of this cruise that it will start its journey on November 29 at 10 am. It is learned that the carnival cruise will leave from the bottom of the Ferry Ghat Bridge in Hasanabad adjacent to Dhaka. After this, it will reach Kolkata Police Ferry Ghat on 1st December. From Dhaka, this ship will reach Kolkata via Chandpur, Barisal, Jhalkathy, Maurelganj, Mumbai, Aungtihara, Hemnagar, Bali, Bhagwatpur, Namkhana, and Diamondharbar. Then it will again leave for Dhaka at 10 am on 4th December. It will reach Dhaka again on 6th December at 10 am Nagaland.

If you want to travel on this cruise, you will have to pay Rs 6,000 as a fare for one person. But if tickets are booked for both, the total fare in that area will be Rs 10,200. Also, if you want to take a single cabin, its fare will be Rs 12,000. Apart from this, the fare for a double cabin will have to be Rs 20,400. Also, the fare for the family cabin is around Rs 25,200. The fare for a VIP cabin is around Rs 30,000 and the fare for a premium VIP cabin is Rs 50,400. But currently, it is reported that there is a 40 percent discount on this fare.

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