About Us

With the Digital boom across the world, very few of us have been left to adopt the new techie era. Even a decade ago, the ways to stay updated about the news nationally or somewhere internationally on various topics like Politics, Trending News, Entertainment News, and Sports medium on which we depended were Newspaper, Radio, or Some selected news channels through the satellite antenna was installed in our roof. But in this competitive era, where time is precious, very few get engaged to read paper-based newspapers except the older age people who generally spend time as they get bored in their retired life. And, the political climate has changed across India drastically. Newspaper agencies don’t have the authority to publish news independently wisely, because political parties are sore in the forehead of the agencies. & for the audio-visual media, the scene is not different. Today with the help of the digital boom, within a fraction of a second, we get intimated about the news happening in any part of the world. Many web-portals publish news on any topic before not verifying any authenticity. But after a few times, the news becomes false and the viewers aren’t aware of the truth. At Digital Khabar, we don’t publish this kind of news. We first thoroughly verify the legitimacy of the news and after that, we publish it. Our motto is to serve and authenticate legitimate information to our viewers.

Our organization consists of  2 people and we try to stay updated on the news across the world. When we find topics that may grow user intent and information that may be helpful for our readers, we try to publish them. For research purposes we take time, and after that, we try to publish news. We have no big investors, we are trying to develop this organization from the root level. We have taken the time to learn wordpress technology and different plugin functions for 2 years. We don’t change our feedback and commands under any circumstances, whatever we understand right, we publish. We don’t publish any news that could harm any religion, community, or anyone personally. We don’t publish any news that could create rumors or harm society. Abiding by these conditions, we felt that our news should be for all people. And, Hence we have created our blog ‘Digital Khabar accessed by ‘https://digitalkhabor.in’.  We have decided to provide an extra comfort level for our readers, and for this reason, we have cut down the language barrier. Our viewers can read news in Six different languages. We have shifted our blog from Bengali To English completely from 26/02/2024 onwards. Our main blog language was Bengali. But we have given extra five language options that are Hindi, Marathi, Urdu, Bengali &Nepali. In the upcoming days, we hope ‘Digital Khabor’ will provide vital and informative information and hope for your love & support in the long run.