Onion Price: Onions become priceless due to unknown reasons! Go around the market and find the reason, but don’t find the task force

Durgapujo, Lakshmipujo, and Kalipujo have been passed. And after passing through the twilight of this festival, all the things required for daily living are becoming expensive day by day. Starting from vegetables to fish and meat, to rice and pulses – the prices of everything are increasing day by day. And now this is not happening only at a certain time of the year, the picture of an increase in commodity prices is being seen in the entire country in all months of the year. The impact of the rampant increase in the price of petroleum products on the transportation of various goods is quite clear.

But after this festival, Bengali’s assurance is increasing the price of onion. Because after the restoration the mirror has become worthless, this daily precious thing of the handel. It can be said that it is not the price of onion but the price of onion that makes the market-oriented buyers’ eyes water. Because in almost every district from North Bengal to South Bengal, the price of onion per kg has doubled in the last few weeks. Standing in this situation, it is becoming quite a challenge to manage the common middle class. Because nothing happens without onion.

At present the picture is similar in almost all the markets of the state. Whereas before the stock price, onion was being sold at the rate of Rs 30 to Rs 40 per kg, now the price of onion has gone up from Rs 70 to Rs 80 per kg. On Friday, the price of onion per kg in Kochbihar is 70 rupees, in the market and in two days of Najapur and Nadia district it is 70-80 rupees, in most of the markets of North 24 Pargana it is 75 to 80 rupees, in South 24 Pargana district also it is 80 rupees.

And to monitor this matter, a task force is formed by the state. They went from market to market searching for the reason. But after the festival, where the price of onion was increased due to road closure, the festival passed for many days but it could not be brought back. In this regard, task force member Amal Dey said, “Due to the exclusion of potatoes and onions from the Essential Commodity Act, the government is not able to control some commodities in the market. Some decisions of the Central Government, which, while satisfying a few retail traders, have put crores of ordinary buyers in trouble.”

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