This hot video of Pawan Singh is going viral on the internet, fans are sweating

Along with Bollywood, Tollywood, Bhojpuri film industry is now reaching the peak of popularity. Apart from movies, many people like Bhojpuri songs now. Bhojpuri songs full of music can now be heard in Bengal too. And Pawan Singh has made quite a name in the world of this Bhojpuri song. The number of his fans on social media is not less. So fans are looking forward to Pawan Singh’s new song release.

And at the beginning of the year, a new song by Pawan Singh increased the heat in the fans. Recently in December the song ‘Bewafa Ho Geli’ has gone viral on YouTube. This Bhojpuri song by Pawan Singh has appeared in the list of trending videos. This song has won the hearts of not only Bihar or Haryana, but the entire Indian audience. The video of this song has won the hearts of the audience even more than the song.

This song video by Pawan Singh is a ‘Heart Break’ video. The music video is made with a short story. In the beginning of the video, the actor is seen proposing to his lover. And that’s what upset his lover. He removed himself from her again and again. Then the wedding ceremony of the heroine is seen. He is tying the knot with another person there. That’s where the hero enters with a gun. He wants to marry by force. But at last he moved away from there after the plea of ​​the heroine’s father. And introduced the lover as unfaithful.

The song and video have won the hearts of the audience. This Bhojpuri song has already got one lakh views. Many appreciative comments have also come. In short, the audience went crazy with this song of Pawan in the new year.


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