The dog is sitting in front of the bike with the groom, going as a dog, viral video

The dog appeared at the wedding hall with the bridegroom dressed as Nitbar. Instantly viral video. Social media has become an important medium for people in today’s era. Everything good and bad comes through this medium. People even showcase their talents to the world through this social media.

And if that talent is charming then it doesn’t take much time to go viral. However, nowadays not only human but also animal videos go viral. Which is never surprising. Many have seen love for pets. However, this love is different. And so without thinking about anything, he brought the dog to his wedding.

Yes, recently one such video went viral. We all know that Nitbar is with the groom during marriage. And naturally it is a boy. But this time it was not a boy but a pet dog that was seen with the groom. Everyone was surprised to see that. That person’s name is Darshan Nandu Pole. Jakina has come to get married with a bike.

However, he brought his beloved pet sitting in front of the bike. This video shows how much the man loves his pet. Even many people have seen the video. All in all, this video is very viral on social media.

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