Cinthi Sindur Aindrila! But did you get married with Ankush?

Cinthi Sindur Aindrila! Netizens were surprised to see the video. The new year has already fallen. And at the beginning of the new year, Ankush-Aindrila greeted the fans in their own style. At 12 midnight Bazar immediately posted a funny video and shared it on social media. And everyone was surprised to see Aindrila’s look there. But why do you think so?

In fact, Aindrila is wearing a sweat dress and black stockings in the video. But the vermilion in Aindrila’s sinthi is catching the attention of the netizens. And as soon as this video came out, the fans filled the comment box with a flood of comments. Someone wrote that, ‛Aindrila’s head is vermilion why? When was the wedding?’ Someone else wrote that, “Would you like to marry sister in the New Year?”

Apart from Aindrila, Ankush is also seen in the video. Ankush Hazra is currently the most popular actor in Bengali film industry. Aindrila has also been seen on the big screen for quite some time. Hopefully no one knows about their love. Their relationship has crossed 10 and 11 years. One of the most successful and popular duo of Tolipara is Ankush-Oindrila.

Their Tom and Jerry-like bonding is loved by fans. Apart from acting, this star duo is also very active on social media. Sometimes caught alongside pictures and reel videos are their wicked-sweet funny videos. In short, this duo is a hit everywhere from reel to real. Recently, this video of them has gone viral.

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