Sohini Paul | See the picture of tapas pauls daughter sohini paul

In today’s report, we will tell about him. Tapas Paul’s daughter is Sohini Paul. She is also an actress by profession. However, even though he is not as well known as his father, his acting skills are no less.

In 2004, Anjan Dutt made his debut in the acting world with the film ‘Wife Barracks Forever. He was then seen acting in a Tollywood movie called Jackpot.

Apart from Sohini, the film also featured Koel Mallick, Rahul Banerjee, and Hiran. However, he was not seen in Tollywood after that. Passed straight to Mumbai. Then in 2015, he made his debut on the big screen with the movie Hum Tum Dushman Dushman. Mukesh Rishi was seen opposite him in the movie.

He was seen not only on the big screen but also on television in the serial “Partner”, “Aapke Ajaane Se”. Sohini had a good relationship with her father Tapas Pal. The girl used to make tea for her father and feed him. The actor even went to Mumbai for some time for his daughter. However, after that, their lives are thrown into chaos like a gust of wind. Actor Tapas Pal passed away. At present they spend their time in their own way.


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