Cheating with Urfi will get this punishment

Urfi Javed is repeatedly facing controversies. Popular YouTuber Hindustani Vau aka Vikas Fatak is creating unnecessary controversy about his clothes. Chetan Bhagat once said that Urfi’s films are the choice of the youth to watch while going to bed. Urfio responded strongly to almost everyone against such criticism. However, Urfi caught a different mood in MTV’s popular reality show ‘Splitsvilla’.

She made her entry on ‘Splitsvilla’ wearing a condition skirt and tube top made by Stone. It was understood that another dimension is coming to the show. Urfi has already become close with one contestant. They went on a date together. But time will tell if he will be Urfi’s lover later on. In the meantime, Urfi said, what can be the punishment for cheating in relation to him! He said this by participating in a game.

According to the rules of the game, relationship questions were written on several pieces of paper inside a glass jar in front of Urfi. Urfi has to answer them. There was a question, if someone cheated on Urfi even after being in a relationship, would Urfi still want to be with him! Urfi made it clear that whoever cheated on him, he would cut off his genitals. However, netizens are ambivalent about his answer as always. Many praised him, many criticized him.

Urfi became popular through ‘Bigg Boss OTT’ last year. She is at the top of Google’s list of most searched Asian women this year. His music video ‘Hai Ye Mazburi’ was released a few months ago. Urfi responded by acting in this music video.


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