Reason behind the anger of ox after seing red color

There is a popular game in Spain where a big red cloth is danced in front of a bull, and the bull gets restless and attacks the cloth. And, this is Spain’s national sport, the winner of this bullfight is called a matador. Many people know about this game, and that’s why they run away from bulls on the streets and people wearing red clothes. But what about this red color? Many people think that seeing this color, the bull will come to the corner. Does the bull really get restless after seeing that red cloth or something?

First, bulls don’t understand the color red. A cow or a bull is a bicolor animal. This means that their eyes can perceive two color variations – yellow and blue. They have no red-receptors in their retinas, so they don’t perceive red. And if they really understood red, they would have jumped at the biryani stalls arranged on the roadside earlier. So, red has nothing to do with the bull.

Now the question may come, why does Spain show red clothes? Can show other clothes. why red

Actually red is the brightest color. This color attracts everyone. That is why red cloth is used in that game. And, interestingly, there is no scientific basis for bulls to get angry at the sight of red cloth. A bull’s temper is already rough. So if it is bad or damaged, it can be chased by wearing clothes of any color.


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