Shweta is returning to the screen in a new form, opposite Ranjoy!

He has stepped on the big screen from the small screen. Zee became the heroine of Dev from Bangla’s ‘Yamuna Dhakai’. Yes, you are right, we are talking about actress Sweta Bhattacharya. After ‘Prajapati’ on the big screen, he again returned to the serial ‘Sohag Jal’. Shweta was not seen for several months after the series ended. It was heard that he is busy with other projects. The question of when Shweta will be seen again on the small screen was raised many times by serial lovers.

Finally came the good news. Shweta is returning with a new serial. There is one more surprise. This time his onscreen hero is actor Ranjoy Vishnu. There is an intense buzz in Telepara, Shweta, and Ranjoy are returning soon with a new serial. The actress will be seen again in Zee Bangla. And Ranjoy will step into Zee from Star Jalsa by the hand of this serial.

How is the new series going to be? What is the name of the series? And who can be seen in this series? Although no details are available yet, it is heard that Shweta will play the role of a girl from a middle-class family. On the other hand, Ranjoy will be seen as the son of a rich family. The promo shoot has already been done. The shooting of the serial will start from next December. However, neither Shweta nor Ranjoy have opened their mouths about this yet.

Incidentally, talking about serials, Shweta was last seen in ‘Sohag Jal’. Then he turned his attention to the web series. On the other hand, Ranjoy was last seen in the serial ‘Guddi’. There have been various ups and downs in the personal life of both. The illness of her lover Rubel Das, her own mother’s illness has taken a big toll on Shweta. On the other hand, Ranjoy broke up with actress Sohini Sarkar. Ranjoy is still single despite the rumors of his new relationship.

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