Ranojoy Bishnu: Sohini’s past, onscreen ‘Guddi’ is Ranojoy’s mind offscreen! Explosive actor

In the world of acting, relationships are broken, ups and downs continue. As soon as one couple’s relationship broke up, the news of another couple’s romance started spreading. Tolipara’s popular duo Ranojoy Bishnu and Sohini Sarkar are now former. Rumors are heard that a new tone has started in the life of the actress. But even though Sohini has ‘moved on’, the whispers of Ranjoy getting into a new relationship are heard on Telepara. She is Ranjoy’s co-actress Shyamoupti Mudly.

Star Jalsa’s ‘Guddi’ serial featured Ranjoy and Syamaupti as the heroines. Even though the serial ended, strangely, the discussion about them did not end. Rather, after the end of the relationship with Sohini, Ranjoy suddenly got involved with Shyamaupti. The actor is in an off-screen relationship with his on-screen heroine. But is it true or just gossip? Ranjoy Vishnu himself answered this time.

Rumors of a relationship with Shyamaupti have also come to his ears. But he is very shocked and upset about the whole thing. Because according to Ranjoy, it is far from being a lover, there is no friendship between them. As common colleagues are, so are they. There is a big age difference between them. Ranjoy also talked to Shyamaupti about this rumour. He said that the actress is also upset about the matter. But according to him, let him say what he says. No need to respond.

According to Ranjoy, he has been single for a long time. In between, he and Shampaupti have also shot a Hindi serial. Leena Gangopadhyay and Shaibal Banerjee went to Kashmir to shoot for that Hindi serial. However, they were seen in two supporting roles in that serial. Ranjoy is currently busy with a solo theater of his own. He is also scheduled to return with a new serial with Shweta Bhattacharya on Zee Bangla.

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