Shruti Das: Why did ‘Ranga Bau’ Shruti cry on the stage of ‘Dadagiri’!

Currently, Shruti Das is playing the lead role in Zee Bangla’s popular serial ‘Ranga Bau’. The director of this series is her husband Swarnendu Samaddar. However, the struggle of becoming an actress from a middle-class family girl was not easy for Shruti. A little glimpse of his fight recently surfaced on LG Bangla’s game show ‘Dadagiri’.

On this day, the entire team of ‘Ranga Bau’ including Shruti appeared on the stage of ‘Dadagiri’. Shruti wept while talking about her struggle in front of the host of the show Sourav Ganguly. Shruti’s father was in the audience. He said that he could never have thought that he would come on the stage of ‘Dadagiri’ with a successful actress’s daughter. A child of a middle-class family in Katwa, Shruti always wanted to be an actress. Shruti, who excelled in classical dance, came to Kolkata from Katwa to study. He started modeling while studying in college. Besides, Shruti used to give auditions for serials one after another at Studiopara. Shruti made her debut on the small screen by playing the lead role in the Zee Bangla serial ‘Trinayani’.

Swarnendu was the director of Trinayani. Although he does not like Shruti at first, love for each other is gradually born. After ‘Trinayani’ went off the air, Shruti played the role of heroine in Star Jalsa’s serial ‘Desh Mati’, but due to the color of her skin, she was often criticized on social media. Once Shruti approached the police. After ‘Desh Mati’ went off the air, Shruti had no work for a long time. Recently, Shruti took a picture standing in front of a poster of ‘Ranga Bau’ and wrote in the caption, “Last year, she cried because she was unemployed on this day of Durga Puja.

Many feel that Shruti gets a lot of advantages in the industry as a result of being a director. But that never happened. Shruti made her own path alone. His father has always stood by and supported him. However, the battle of Shruti is still ongoing.

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