Urfi arrived at the airport holding a piece of clothing in his left hand, never seen before

Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed) faced the threat of murder and rape a few days ago. Urfi shared the video on Instagram recreating Rajpal Yadav’s special look in the Akshay Kumar starrer film Bhool Bhulaya. As soon as he shared the video, he was subjected to indecent taunts. The so-called defenders of traditional Hindu religion even threatened to kill and rape. But no one could stop Urfi. He was again seen in strange clothes.

On this day, Urfi was caught by paparazzi cameras as he got out of the car at the Mumbai airport. She was wearing an off-white bodycon dress. The sleeve of the dress is maroon. The neckline of the sleeveless dress is also maroon. The neckline has a ruffle design. So far everything was fine. But the surprise was in Urfi’s left hand. In her left hand, she held another dress of the same design on cardboard. This dress is maroon in color. It is also sleeveless. The sleeves are also maroon. But a ruffle design is used on the neckline with off-white fabric. An off-white color ruffle design is again used below this dress.

On this day, Urfi did a light make-up with nude shade eyeshadow and black kajal on her eyes. She painted her lips with a nude pink shade of lipstick. Their hair was tied in a bun. Some fringes fell on one side of the forehead. On the feet were off-white high heels. Urfi himself was laughing about his fashion. He entered the airport after posing for a while in front of the paparazzi’s camera. As usual, a section of netizens criticized Urfi’s fashion sense. But Urfi, as always, did not care.

Urfi will debut on the big screen in Bollywood in the coming days. He will be seen in the film ‘Love, Sex Aur Dhoka 2’ produced by Ekta Kapoor.

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