Raj Kundra: Why was Shilpa’s husband Raj naked in jail?

Raj Kundra is going to transition from the accused in the porn film case to the role of actor. Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj is actually a British entrepreneur. But suddenly in 2021, he was accused of making illegal porn films. Mumbai police arrested Raj overnight. After that, Raj was imprisoned in Arthur Road Jail for two consecutive months. After being released on bail, Shilpa asked him to leave the country, but Raj decided to bring his story to the public through the big screen.

Raj’s Bollywood debut ‘UT 69’ is going to be released on November 3. This film is directed by Shanawaz Ali. Raj’s life during his time at Arthur Road is mainly depicted in ‘UT 69’. Raj opened up about this on the eve of the film’s release. He said that he was not kept in the special cell made for stars in Arthur Road Jail. Raj was with five common prisoners. However, even if there are no special facilities in the cells made for stars, only five people can stay in that cell. But the number of ordinary prisoners in the cells is around two hundred and fifty. However, Raj has no complaints about it.

Raj said that everyone wanted to know about him and Shilpa. There was not even a proper place to eat and sleep. But the most painful thing for Raj in Arthur Road Jail is his nudity. On the one hand, when there is a great stir with Raj outside the jail, on the other hand, Raj is tested naked in the jail, whether there is any drug hidden in his body! At that moment, the king felt that all his dignity was lost.

Raj got bail in this case after spending two months in Arthur Road Jail. But the case has not been settled till now. 

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