Bhojpuri Song: Nirahua-Amrapali Past, Pradeep Pandey Gets Hot Romance With Kajol Raghbani

Bhojpuri spicy songs have gained great popularity at this time. Many Bhojpuri songs, dances, and pictures often go viral on social media. This Bhojpuri song video has not only a local audience but a nationwide audience. Nowadays, many people from Bengal have become fans of this Bhojpuri song. The reason is, the exciting lyrics and the closeness of the hero and heroine in the music video. Because of all these reasons Bhojpuri songs have countless fans today.

The main attraction of the Bhojpuri industry is the heroines of this industry. It is as if this world has swelled up in their physical terms. Some of the famous actresses in this industry are Monalisa, Amrapali Dubey, Priyanka Singh, and Swapna Chowdhury. However, currently, actress Kajal Raghwani (Kajal Raghwani) is attracting a lot of attention in Bhojpuri films and songs. On the other hand, one of the emerging heroes of this industry is Pradeep Pandey aka Chintu. Apart from acting, the audience was impressed by her dancing style.

And now a song video of these two stars has gone viral on social media. The song ‘Jawani 18 Plus’ is now on the trending video list. At the beginning of this video, Kajol is given a charming avatar. Sometimes she wears a deep-neck tight blouse with a delicate pink saree, sometimes a golden blouse with a rainbow saree. Kajol is seen romancing to the beat of the song by getting close to the hero. And because this song is basically an item song, the actress’s physical laughter after wearing the video has repeatedly brought waves in the minds of the audience. On the other hand, in the majority of the video, the audience has the opportunity to enjoy the hero and heroine dancing on a stage.

The catchy lyrics along with the daring visuals have given the song another dimension. So the video of this song has now gone viral on YouTube. The video has been uploaded from the popular YouTube channel called ‘Bhojpuri Cinema Sangeet’. Millions of people have already seen the video. Akash Mishra and Priyanka Singh sang this song from the movie ‘Dostana’

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