Rakhi Sawant: Two marriages past, new man in Rakhi’s life after divorce!

Rakhi Sawant is constantly keeping herself in the news headlines. A few months ago Rakhi filed a complaint against her second husband Adil Khan Durani for physical and mental torture and attempted murder. Mumbai police arrested Adil. He had to spend some time in prison. After getting bail, Adil accused Rakhi of blackmailing him in a press conference. That pressure is still on. Rakhi’s beloved girlfriend Rajashri stands next to Adil. Meanwhile, Rakhi was seen having dinner at a restaurant with Mumbai’s famous lawyer Ali Kassif Khan Deshmukh.

Rakhi’s dress that evening was quite revealing. She was wearing a blue color sequined off-shoulder short dress. But not side by side, Kashif and Rakhi sit face to face and have dinner. Both liked Sizzler. A group of paparazzi captured this moment on camera. Rakhi said that they are having this dinner with the joy of getting Kashif’s ‘Best Law Year’ award. As soon as the video went viral, a section of netizens mocked Rakhi and wrote, Rakhi will hang Kashif now. In response to the troll, Rakhi wrote, Netizens are indeed right. In fact, Kashif is fighting the case on behalf of Rakhi. He is a High Court and Supreme Court lawyer.

Rakhi married a man named Ritesh a few years ago. She came to the Bigg Boss room with her husband. But gradually it is known that Ritesh’s first wife is present. He is also an Indian businessman. But Rakhi lied that her husband Ritesh was working abroad. Riteish’s marriage with Rakhi broke up after his exit from ‘Bigg Boss’. But after a few months, Rakhi married Bangalore businessman Adil and converted to Islam. 

Recently, Rakhi announced her marriage with Adil by sharing pictures on Instagram during Rakhi’s mother Jaya Sawant’s illness. But after the death of Rakhi’s mother, Rakhi accused Adil of domestic violence. 

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