No more Digha or Puri in West bengal for holidays , Visit this wonderful place for a peacefull holiday

‘Water has a deep connection with water,
The sea is so united, the mountains are not.
The mountains are far from one another,
But the ocean is tied to the same tune.’

Today our destination is Bankiput to find the bond of sea, ocean. There is a lot of wandering in the mountains, this time it is not going without a dip in the blue water of the sea, but when I think of this sea, Digha or Puri is spinning in my head. A Bengali tourist means Dipuda, meaning that Digha, Puri, Darjeeling will be visited at least once in his lifetime. But today our list of offbeat destinations includes Bankiput in Midnipur.

Now people in Digha, Puri are absolutely buzzing. If you are looking for a little peace and quiet or want to spend some time alone after your wedding, then Bankiput is the right destination for you. It may be wrong to say that it is completely secluded. The time you go, your companion may be a group of red crabs, a distant boat going fishing, a fisherman. You have nothing to do except to sit by the sea and watch the sky and the sea kiss.

You have to take Kanthi Nebe from any long distance train. Just 16 km from Kanthi you will find Bankiput. As this place is near an estuary, you won’t always see the sea, but at high tide the sea will come very close. On a two-day holiday, you can visit Boguran Jalpai village from Bankiput. Don’t forget to visit the 96 feet tall lighthouse in Daryapur. From here you can observe the wonderful view point of the vast ocean waters.

Another attraction of Bankiput is the temple of Kapalkundala. Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay got the slot for the story of his legendary novel ‘Kapalkundala’ from here. Also close by is the picturesque and picturesque fishing harbor of Petuaghat. Where the sea meets the river, the whole environment has become quite pleasant. Rasulpur river merges into the Bay of Bengal.

If you get a day off, you can watch the sunset from Bankiput beach and return home after eating and drinking. But if you get 2-3 days off, then it is better to leave Digha from here. The distance to Digha is about 50 km. So what else to worry about? Now you don’t have to go to Digha, Puri, Darjeeling for a day or two vacation. Come closer to the offbeat place Bankiput. When you return, you can walk along the sea shore holding the hand of a person of mind and hum and sing ‘Ogo Sagar Balaka, I would have had an aimless fan like you.’


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