A little girl dancing dressing as Lord Radha in the Radha Kaise Na Jale Lagan Song

People look for entertainment on social media. If everyone likes your talent then that video is likely to go viral in no time. Everyone loves to see the talent especially of young children. In fact, babies are already very sweet. It’s even better to watch when they dance or sing. That’s how a video of a little girl dancing has gone viral on Instagram.

This is the age of smartphones and cheap internet Everyone has a smartphone. By using this smartphone, we can keep the news of the whole world, get entertainment as we want, just like we can share with everyone by making videos of our various talents or moments of our daily life. Many times this is how people show their talent in front of everyone.

This video posted by an account named Jyotikumari 2390 has already been liked by many people. In the video, a little girl is seen dancing to the song ‘Radha Kayse Na Jwale’ from the film ‘Lagaan’. It is known that the girl’s name is Riti. Perhaps the video was made at home. The baby girl is wearing a ghagra-choli. She dances fully dressed as Radha with a matching outfit and a small matka in her hand.

Many of the videos of the little season are posted from this account. This is how he has already become popular. He has millions of followers. Riti is not only good at dancing, but also in terms of gestures and expressions, it is difficult to compare her. This is mainly why he is so popular.


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