8th Pay Commission: Thousands of rupees increase in salary, when will this bumper news!

At present lakhs of employees are employed under the central government. They work in different offices. The Pay Commission of the Central Government fixes the salaries of the employees of all the departments of the Government. And they determine this work by calculating contemporary income and expenses. So this pay commission is changed every ten years. Before this, the seventh pay commission started. Central government employees are currently getting salaries under this pay commission.

At present the central government employees are getting their salaries under the 7th Pay Commission. However, many organizations of government employees and pensioners have been demanding pensions for a long time. But now they have to get a salary as per this seventh pay commission. Because even though the Center is thinking of introducing the 8th Pay Commission in the near future, it is fairly certain that it will not be implemented this year.

Note that the 8th Pay Commission fitment factor will determine the new minimum wages. Hence the employee organizations have demanded a fitment factor of 3.68 in this upcoming pay commission. Also, the government introduced a pay matrix table chart to help employees calculate their pay under the 8th Pay Commission. However, it is expected to be effective from 2026. It provides the much-needed pay hike for central government employees.

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