Bhojpuri Song: Nirahua loses control again responding to Amrapali’s request, don’t look in front of children

Bhojpuri Cinema (Bhojpuri Film) who are the most popular pair in the world? In answer to the question, many will say the names of Nirahua and Amrapali Dub. Recently, a new practice has started with Bhojpuri films and music videos. More and more viewers are flocking to watch Bhojpuri content. And in this case, the audience has more trust in social media. Because all kinds of pictures and music videos from new to old are available here.

Amrapali Dubey and Dinesh Lal Yadav are longtime members of the Bhojpuri industry. They have worked together in many films. Their onscreen chemistry is palpable. They also show the extreme romantic scenes on the screen in a fluent manner. By looking at them, it is clear that they are not related in any way. But seeing the chemistry of Nirahua and Amrapali, many fans express their desire to see them together. Even though other actors work with actresses, their pairing with each other is the most popular among the audience

Recently, several videos of Nirahua Amrapali have gone viral on social media due to the renewed controversy over the Bhojpuri industry. If you keep an eye on YouTube, you will find many videos of this pair. Every video has millions of likes. In some videos, the views again reach crores. Nirahua Amrapali’s popularity is increasing day by day. Recently, another video of this pair has gone viral on social media. The video has surfaced in new practice on YouTube.

Amrapali and Nirahua’s romance in the song ‘Dahke Badan Jare Jiya’ from the movie ‘Nirahua The Leader’ has come up again on YouTube. The video was shared on the ‘Wave Music’ YouTube channel just 5 months ago. Meanwhile, the views of this video have reached 89 thousand. In the video, Amrapali called Nirahua with a pleading gesture. The actor responded excitedly. The audience enjoyed their passionate romance.

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