Srabanti Chatterjee: Why get pain again and again Srabanti Chatterjee? The director revealed

Srabanti Chatterjee is a very skilled actress but her personal life is controversial. But this was different from the situation since the beginning of my career. Shrabanti got married at a very young age. Her first husband Rajiv Biswas then started as a director. After that slowly Shrabanti went into the interval. He could not be seen on the small screen or the big screen. After this, Abhimanyu alias Jhinuk, son of Śrābanti and Rājib, was born. Then Srabanti again started acting in films directed by Rajeev. But then suddenly she filed a complaint against Rajeev for physical and mental torture and filed for divorce. Once their marriage got separated, Shrabanthi then married model Krishna Vraj.

But before a year of their marriage had passed, the marriage of Krishna and Shrabanti got separated. Then once again Shrabanti sat on the nectar of nectar. Pat Roshan Singh’s profession was Cabin Crew Supervisor. But during the Corona period, Shrabanti’s third marriage broke. The divorce case of Srabanti and Roshan is currently pending in the court.

Meanwhile, while discussing the relationship between Abhirup Nagchowdhury, the owner of a confectionary chain in Kolkata, his close friend claimed that it is not impossible for the actress to be in love. Recently, both were talking about Shrabanthir’s relationship with Subhrajit Mitra, the director of the upcoming film ‘Devi Chowdhurani: Bandit Queen of Bengal’.

Lately, Srabanti has been busy training for this film. Subhrajit also has to be present as the director. As a result, he gets to know Sravanti very closely. According to Subhrajit, Srabanti is not stupid. But she is emotional. Although a smart enough actress, she is also an emotional person. Subhrajit thinks that Srabanti can easily trust people. That’s why she got hurt enough.

The shooting of the Pan Indian film ‘Devi Choudhurani: Bandit Queen of Bengal’ is going to start at the end of this month. The shooting will continue across the vast area of ​​Greater Bengal including Purulia.

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