Why did Sushmita like Anirban? Panchami’s boyfriend opened his heart

Susmita Dey started acting with ‘Aparajita Apu’. The TRP of this serial was quite good. After this serial went off the air, Sushmita played the lead role in Star Jalsa’s new serial ‘Bouma Ekghar’. But this serial went off the air after just two and a half months due to very low TRP. A few months later another new serial ‘Panchami’ started. Sushmita caught the attention of the heroine in this serial of Star Jalsa. Initially, ‘Panchmi’ was acceptable to the audience, but later the TRPs gradually declined.

As a result, ‘Panchami’ went off air within a year of the start of broadcasting. Currently, Sushmita is doing several brand endorsements. Also waiting for a new job. Sushmita has been in a relationship with entrepreneur Anirban Roy for a long time. Anirban is the leader of the event management company ‘Stars of Bengal’.

Recently, Bishwanath reached Anirban and Sushmita through Zee Bangla’s game show ‘Ghare Gharre Zee Bangla’. Anirban and Sushmita had to answer his questions one after another during the game. From Anirban’s words, Sushmita started her career with modeling.

Biswanath asked jokingly, Anirban chose Sushmita! Anirban said frankly, judges are there to select. But Anirvan liked Sushmita’s dedication to work. Anirban said that when they had a lunch break, others were busy eating tiffin and taking pictures. But Sushmita used to practice ramp walking at that time. He used to rehearse how to present himself in front of the judges. Seeing that, Anirban’s love for Sushmita began.

Vishwanath asked to know when Sushmita and Anirban are getting married in Satpa! Sushmita said they wanted some more time. Want to tidy up a bit more, want to do a good job. Biswanath jokingly said, while doing so, the day of Kalpa does not come! Sushmita and Anirban laughed at Vishwanath’s words.

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