This actress will be seen in the role of director in ‘Didi No 1’, then Rachna Banerjee is left out!

Rachna Banerjee’s popularity spans from movies to television. Didi No. 1 has been running on Zee Bangla screen for women for almost 9 years now. But the popularity of this show has not decreased even a bit. Moreover Rachna Banerjee is able to win the hearts of people with new games and stories every season. But is Rachna Banerjee going to take a break from Didi No. 1 this time?

Even today, in every house in Bengal, at 5 pm, the women of the house sit in front of the TV and watch ‘Didi Number One’. Not only Bengal but many people from different parts of the country even from abroad came and participated in this show. But many think that the TRP of this show is the main attraction of the show.

So if he is not in this show then how successful will it be. But will Rachna Banerjee not be seen in this popular reality show of Zee Bangla? Let’s not keep the suspense but break it directly. The new ‘Didi Number 1’ is going to be telecast in Oriya language. Yes, Odiya’s Didi Number One is being made on the model of this popular show of Bengal.

Zee Network’s Oriya channel is Zee Swarthak. And the new show will be aired there. But Rachna Banerjee is not going anywhere. Many thought he would no longer be there and someone new would come in his place. But Rachna Banerjee is not going to talk. It goes without saying that two channels are going to have a huge TRP fight this time.


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