Didi No 1: Didi No 1’s show is changing overnight!

Who will be the new host of ‘Didi No 1’?

Cine Bangla Desk: Television is a means of entertaining the audience. There are new serials along with some reality shows. When they are tired of watching series, they watch reality show.

Most Popular Reality Show ‘Didi No 1’

‘Didi No 1’ comes to mind when talking about the reality show of Bengal. It is one of the most popular reality shows. The show has been in the minds of the audience for many years. One of the attractions of the show is Rachna Banerjee, the host of the show. All the people of Bengal are impressed by his impeccable performance.

For Bengali viewers, five o’clock in the afternoon means ‘Didi No 1’. At that time this show runs in every house. Here the struggle of various women is highlighted. Not only people from Bengal but also people from outside Bengal come here. The show truly inspires all women.

Is the director of ‘Didi No 1’ (Didi No 1) really changing?

But this time the only attraction of ‘Didi No 1’ means Rachna Banerjee will be changed. But suddenly why this decision? In fact, Zee Bangla has an Oriya channel called Zee Sarthak. This show will be in Oriya language. So Rachna Banerjee is not being replaced. A similar show is going to be held in Oriya.

Didi No 1 Odiya
Image: Oriya Didi Number One Show

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