There are 3 differences between the two pictures, challenge to find them in 15 seconds

You must have played puzzles with photos many times as a child. And that game has now become very popular again through social media. Looking at today’s report, you should be able to spot some differences between the two photos. Netizens mostly like to spend their free time with this kind of photo difference puzzles.

The photo shows a girl busy playing tennis. The adjacent photo also looks virtually the same. But even if the two photos look similar, there are a total of three hidden differences between the two photos that you need to spot. Check the photo carefully and try it later. You will be given 15 seconds to find those three differences from the picture.

But then your time is already starting…
Well try…
Time is running out…
No more time now it’s over…

Only a few percent of people are able to answer this question correctly. So below is the answer for you.

1) See the tennis ball in the second photo with the first photo is slightly smaller.

2) The grip of the girl’s tennis bat is not protruding in the first photo but in the second photo it is very protruding.

3) The t-shirt sleeves are rolled up in the first photo but not in the second photo.

The differences between the photos are marked for your understanding. Those who couldn’t make sure they can make it next time. But congratulations to all those who answered.

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