Keep these 5 tips in mind to cook faster

Who doesn’t like to bask in the sun in the cold, but if you are in a hurry to cook, then you don’t like it at all, so don’t overcook. How by following only five tips, you can be a perfect housewife, and you can cook a little in the cold of this winter. Know his simple tips.

1) Use a pressure cooker – If you want to cook any food quickly, you can definitely use a pressure cooker. Because if you use a pressure cooker, you will see that your cooking is done quickly. It takes a long time to cook in a pan. If you cook the vegetables in advance, you will save time and gas will be less.

2) Use hot water for cooking -We often add water to make broth. But if we give this water cold water, but the taste of cooking is bad and it takes time to cook, so always use warm water while cooking. It increases the taste of cooking and also takes less time.

3) Use extra food – Many times our extra food from the previous day is saved, we start cooking new food on top of it without looking at it again, so that the effort increases and time is wasted, so pay attention to how to represent the old extra food to people in a new way. For example, you can mix eggs, potatoes and onions with the previous day’s rice.

4) Cook as required – Cook as much as you need, but the market is quite cheap in winter, so you will not cook a lot by bringing a lot from the market, cook as much as you need, you will see less time wasted and less gas consumption.

5) Prepare well in advance of cooking – Make arrangements for what to cook the next day the night before. If you keep all the kutno kota, batna bata, masala powder at hand, then you will see that cooking is very easy the next day.

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