Teacher of bengali medium serial Tiyasha affected by dengue | সম্প্রচারের আগেই ডেঙ্গিতে আক্রান্ত ‘বাংলা মিডিয়াম’-এর শিক্ষিকা!

The new Bengali serial ‘Bangla Medium’ is starting from 12th December in the slot of ‘Dhulokana’. Tiyasha Lepcha is starting a new innings in Star Jalsa through this series. But in the midst of the shooting, the news of his dengue came suddenly.

According to Teletown, the shooting of ‘Bangla Medium’ has started from October 13. Within a few days of starting the shoot, Tiyasha developed fever. Blood test revealed that he is suffering from dengue. After that, Tiasha was resting at home for about thirteen days. But now he has recovered and returned to the shooting floor. Tyasha said, the date of broadcast of ‘Bangla Medium’ has not been announced yet. As a result he got thirteen days leave. The promo of ‘Bangla Medium’ has already gone viral. ‘Bangla Medium’ is based on the story of a village girl studying in Bengali medium teaching in an English medium school in the city.

Tyasha will be seen in her true form in ‘Bangla Medium’. Earlier, while playing the lead role in Zee Bangla serial ‘Krishnakali’, Tiyasha’s color was made brown with the help of makeup. But in ‘Bangla Medium’ her skin color remains unchanged. Atpaure saree and braided hair are worn to bring the look of a village girl. Neil Bhattacharya is acting opposite him in this series. Fesh has also experimented with his look. Blue can be seen in the ultimate stylish look.

Tiyasha-Neel duo made their debut in Zee Bangla’s serial ‘Krishnakali’. Since then they are popular with the audience. This year, seeing Tyasha perform a dance performance in an event organized by Star Jalsa, many people realized that this time her entry is going to happen on this channel. After a long hiatus, Tiyasha is back with ‘Bangla Medium’ after all the speculations.


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