Ranu Mondal | Ranu mondal romance with young youtuber in popular bengali song viral video

Ranu Mondal’s song from Ranaghat station went viral and became a singer overnight. But this time not only in the song, she has become the heroine of the rising age! Earlier, Ranu Mondal was seen in various videos with his knee-old son. In fact, different content creators visit his house every day to make different videos. He makes videos with them.

This time she was seen giving expressions to a romantic song with a boy. The viral video was uploaded by a YouTube channel named ‘Justin Imran’. In the video, Ranu Mondal was seen sitting on the living room of her house with a beautiful boy. Wearing a beautiful blue saree. It is clear that she wants to look like a complete heroine with extensive make-up.

Bangla’s famous movie song has a strong romance which makes it seem as if they are in a relationship. But this video was made just for fun. Netizens were surprised to see how she accompanied the knee-old boy through expressions.

Amazingly, this video, which was uploaded just a few days ago, has now crossed more than 36,000 views. Thousands of likes and comments have come for this video. At the same time, netizens made funny comments. Someone wrote – ‘Wow great pair’. The second wrote – ‘The madness of madmen’. But many people are banned from making such videos for views.

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