Subhashree Ganguly: In nine months the Baby Shower Ceremony

And just wait for a few days. Only then will new voices be heard in the Chakraborty family. Actress Subhashree Ganguly is going to be a mother once again. She will give birth to her second child by the end of this year. After their elder son Yubhaan, the actress is now waiting to welcome her second child. The days of waiting are coming to an end very soon. Before that, Shubhashree was given 9 months of care.

The ninth month of pregnancy is going on, good sir. At this time, once again a sadhana ceremony has to be organized for him. Director Vidhayak Raj Chakraborty’s sister Banani Pandey and her daughter Srishti Pandey organized a wedding for the actress. All the arrangements were done in a homely manner in the luxurious flat of the urban king. Today Shubhashree was wearing a white scarf and a red blouse. With light gold jewelry, silver hair, and light make-up.

Subhasree shared a bunch of pictures of Sadh on his social media account. In a picture, he is seen sitting on a chair and being received. Somewhere he is captured by the lens with a plate of pan supuri in his hand. In a picture, several fruits are placed near the baby bump on Subhasree’s lap as per the ritual. Subhasree wrote in the caption of the post, ‘Prachur Paryaatti!’ and Shubasree also thanked her Nanad and niece.

Shubasree has turned 33 a few days ago. He has already performed several times. Raj Subhasree first gave the good news on social media last June. Everyone was shocked by this news without any premonition. Then came a wave of congratulatory messages in the comment box. Subhasree is expected to give birth to her second child in December. Family has always been the most important thing to him. Subhashri has created signs of a happy family with a husband and children.

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