Laxmir Bhandar: Big Update on Laxmir Bhandar Project! Different rules have been introduced in rural and urban areas

Since coming to power, the Mamata government has announced and implemented several projects for the development of the people of the state. Several projects have been launched in the state by the hands of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. And people from all levels of the state have benefited from this project. Still, the state government has helped to uplift the various types of people of the state through many schemes. Needless to say, Mamata Banerjee’s state government has played a major role in the development of the state through the implementation of these projects.

Currently, more than 50 projects are running in the state. There are many schemes running in the state including Rupashree, Yuvashree, Sabujsathi, Dhiyasathi, and Krishakbandhu. Also, Kanyashree is a well-known project among all other projects in the state. Among these, Lakshmi Bhandar is getting the most popularity nowadays. At present, the state government provides a monthly allowance to most of the women in the state through this scheme. General women get a monthly allowance of Rs 500 and Scheduled Caste and Tribe women get a monthly allowance of Rs 1000 through this scheme.

And now this project has brought a big update. From this time, the state government is going to introduce different rules in rural and urban areas for availing the benefits of this scheme of the state government. Women who are above 25 years of age can apply for this scheme. However, women from rural areas can apply for this scheme at the video office. On the other hand, women in urban areas can apply for this project at the Sub-Divisional Governor’s office. However, it is known that the government can apply for this project even if it comes to the Duare camp.

It may be noted that the state government’s ‘door government’ camp ended a few days ago. Besides enrolling in various schemes of the government in this camp, a large number of people have also enrolled for the Lakshmi Bhandar project. According to Navanna sources, 9 lakh more women will be brought under the Lakshmi Bhandar scheme. It should be noted that now 1 crore 98 lakh 37 thousand 31 women are getting the benefit of the Lakshmi Bhandar scheme. It is known that if 9 lakhs are added, the number will exceed 2 crores.

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