Prosenjit’s house was illuminated by a small guest

Prosenjit Chatterjee had mixed feelings last year. 2022 has brought some ups and downs in his life. If the film flops, all the blame falls on him. Sometimes some producers sneered at him. But Prosenjit’s relationship chemistry with son Trishanjit Chatterjee in 2022 has gone viral on social media many times. Prosenjit himself shared the video of them cycling together on Instagram. But this time a new member came to their family at the beginning of the new year.

On the frosty evening of January 1, the little member came riding home on Prosenjit’s lap. His name is Rambo. In breed, he is a hybrid of the Labrador breed. Prasenjit could not overcome his fear even after taking the white colored child Sarmeya in his arms and caressing it. However, his grandfather Rocky’s face is slightly wrinkled. He sat in front of Prasenjit. It took Rocky a while to realize that his brother had arrived. Rocky is a golden retriever breed. He looked at his father with questioning eyes. ‘Pet parent’ Prosenjit understood the language instantly. As a result, he loved Rocky too. Rambo, however, wanted to get a little closer to Rocky. But he could not get off his father’s lap. Sharing this video on social media, Prosenjit wished everyone a Happy New Year.

Commenting on his video, Sudipa Chatterjee wrote, Rambo is very sweet. Actress Mishty Chakraborty congratulated Prasenjit. Falaque Rashid Roy also wished for the New Year. Aindrila Sen expressed much love to Khude Sarmey. Fans have also showered Prasenjit with love.

In 2022 Prosenjit released the film ‘Aay Khuku Aay’, ‘Near Man’. But the films were not hits despite good screenplays. But ‘Kakababu’s return’ was quite successful. Prasenjit played the role of Kakababu in this film. Prosenjit also did a cameo in the film ‘Prosenjit Weds Rituparna’ produced by him. The trailer of ‘Kaveri Pandhan’ has been launched at the beginning of the new year. This film will release on 20th January.

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