Oindrila Sharma’s Mother Beat Cancer , What Oindrila Told In The Didi No.1 Platform About Her Mother Fighting

Aindrila’s mother also beat cancer

Picture: Aindrila Sharma and her mother Shikha Sharma

Cine Bangla Desk: Actress Aindrila Sharma died last Sunday. Everyone from his family members to the audience is saddened by his untimely demise. The actress had a brain stroke. After that several times cardiac arrest (cardiac arrest) and after that he died.

Aindrila Sharma
Image: Aindrila Sharma

What did Oindrila say when she went to ‘Didi No 1’ for the first time?

But do you know that his mother also had cancer? But he fought back. Then in 2015, Aindrila was diagnosed with cancer. He did not come into acting then. A video of that time is going viral on social media. The video is of ‘Didi No 1’. Aindrila came to play ‘Didi No 1’ like a common man. It was there that he spoke about his struggle.

Aindrila Sharma and her parents
Image: Aindrila Sharma and her mother, father

The actress’ mother also came back from last stage cancer

Then his mother told that he was diagnosed with cancer in the last stage. The doctor said that there was not much time left. But he never gave up. Then he was fine. He was very broken when his daughter was born. But then Aindrila recovered. The actress beat cancer twice. But he could not win this last fight.

Aindrila Sharma
Image: Aindrila Sharma


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