Rachana Banerjee | Rachana banerjee dancing and singing on live stage show viral video

The hot diva of Tollywood who is known by one name is Rachana Banerjee. Once Chutye acted on the big screen. However, after a while he wrapped himself from that screen. But, just as he won hearts on the big screen, he has also won hearts on the small screen.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, he appeared in everyone’s drawing room with the popular game show ‘Didi No 1’. From his looks on the small screen to his presentation on the screen, he has captured the attention of the audience. In short, she is Bengal’s ‘Didi Number One’). An inspiration to all sisters. Without him, this show is almost dead.

However, even in the gap of shooting, the love of the fans repeatedly rushed to the loft show. And while doing such a show, he sang great songs and blew the hearts of the fans. She is first seen singing the Bollywood song ‘Sajna Pe Dil Agaya’. He is then seen singing the title track of his own movie ‘Sabuj Sathi’ on the request of the audience. Then again he is heard singing a Hindi song.

Aja is heard singing the song ‘Priya Tu Abto’. Every song he sang made his fans happy. The video has gone viral from a YouTube channel called ‘SS Live Studio’. Although the video was uploaded a year ago. The video has gone viral again.


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