Nostradamus: Nostradamus’s predictions of 2024 scared, the world will see from China war to terrible destruction

The whole world believes in the predictions of the famous French prophet ‘Michael de Nostradamus’ (Nostradamus Predictions). Amidst the Russia-Ukraine war and Israel-Hamas war crisis, the biggest question before the world is how will be the year 2024 (Nostradamus Predictions 2024)? Nostradamus had made very scary predictions about the year 2024, which are in discussion these days.

Nostradamus was born on December 14, 1503 in Saint Remy, a small village in France. He started making predictions at an early age. By profession, Nostradamus was a doctor and a teacher. He died in the year 1566, before which he had made 6,338 predictions. In this he has told when and how the world will end. Nostradamus had made such predictions in his book Les Prophecies (Nostradamus Predictions 2024), most of which have proved to be true. Let us know about the predictions made by Nostradamus for the year 2024.


Civil war in America

Nostradamus’ prophecies include the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler, and the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan. Nostradamus had made many scary predictions for the coming year 2024. He has mentioned civil war in America in his prophecy. He says that the presidential elections in America in 2024 could lead to instability and civil war.


War with China

China has occupied military forces in the South China Sea and areas around Taiwan. China is a rising power, whose growing power worries many countries. Some experts believe that China could get embroiled in conflict with its neighbours. This is likely to happen in the South China Sea and areas around Taiwan. According to the prediction of Nostradamus, China may have war with many countries. The biggest thing is that Americans are also included in this. According to Nostradamus, China will try to intimidate America with the help of its naval power.


Catastrophic climate change

According to Nostradamus, the world will see climate chaos in the year 2024. According to him, the dry land will become even drier and there will be massive floods. According to them, there will be a lot of climate change and the earth will become hotter than before. Those who decoded Nostradamus’s prophecy believe that he has warned of a nuclear explosion in the year 2024 which will have an impact on the climate.

Young pope

Pope Francis is 86 years old and has gone through many health problems. According to Nostradamus’ prophecy, a new young Pope will take place, but it will be a ‘weak’ Pope.


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