Indranil Sengupta as Feluda | ইন্দ্রনীল ফেলুদা হওয়ার জন্য ধন্যবাদ জানালেন প্রযোজক ও পরিচালকদের

Actor Indranil Sengupta shared his experience of being Feluda at the trailer launch of Hatyapuri.

Image: Indranil Sengupta

Cine Bangla Desk: Feluda’s next film ‘Hatyapuri’ has been launched recently. Indranil Sengupta is playing the role of Feluda in that film. Indranil shares his experience of being a Feluda. He thanked the director of the film Sandip Roy and all the producers.

Sandip Roy, Indranil Sengupta
Image: Sandeep Roy, and Indranil Sengupta

‘Feluda’ on big screen again

Feluda will be seen again on the screen after a long time. This time Feluda’s ‘Hatyapuri’ story will be shown. This time not only the character of Feluda has changed. There are new faces in the roles of Jatayu and Topse. At the trailer launch of this film, actor Indranil shared his experience of acting in the film and said that he wanted to play the role of Feluda for a long time. He was very happy to get this opportunity. He thanked the producers and the director. He also says that he feels that Feluda has become a hero for Jatayu and Topse.

Actor Indranil shared his experience of killing

After that, Indranil said that he tried his best to portray the character. Now it is a matter of seeing how much the audience likes it. In this film, Ayush Das plays the role of Topse and Abhijit Guha plays the role of Jatayu. There are also many like Poran Bandhopadhyay, Subhasish Dey, Saheb Chattopadhyay. The creative head of this film is Antara Mitra, and the cinematography is by Shashank Palit. The film is jointly produced by Shadow Films and Ghoshal Media and Entertainment. The film is going to be released on the big screen on December 23. The mystery of Puri will be revealed in ‘Hatyapuri’.

Abhijit Guha, Indranil Guha, Ayush Das
image: Abhijit Guha, Indranil Sengupta and Ayush Das


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