Didi No 1 | June aunty ushasie chakraborty and rachana banerjees funny incident on didi no 1 show

Recently, Ushsi appeared on the stage of Bengali’s popular reality show Didi No. 1. On the screen, you see Ushsi with a small personality, but in reality, it is exactly the opposite. He is a very cheerful, lively, peaceful person. Especially love to inspire everyone. Those are good things. But now let’s get to the point. Everyone knows that the stage of “Didi Number One” means a variety of games.

Also on that day guest actresses appeared to play Lata fishing game. And that’s the strange thing. When Lata fished, he was in the middle of nowhere. Not only her but another actress was present on the stage. He is Kanchana Maitra. Both were told to fish. But where? The actresses screamed as soon as they put their hands in the water, let alone fishing.

Seeing this situation of the two actresses, it is a kind of laughter. Even in the middle of the show, he said “Death state”. In the end, the fish was caught, but that fish was caught by the host of the show, Rachna Banerjee. Not only that, he took that fish and chased after Jun Aunty. And then Ushashi ran inside the stage in fear. Altogether, a roll of laughter rose on the stage. The one who smothered everyone on the serial screen with his wit, today was smothered by a common fish.


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