Govt Scheme: The center will give 4 thousand rupees if you pass secondary school! Which project of the Modi government meets this benefit?

Since coming to power in 2014, the Modi government has announced and implemented several projects for the development of the country’s citizens. Several projects have been launched in the country under the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. And people from all levels of the country have benefited from these projects. Still, the central government has helped to uplift various types of people in the country through many projects. Needless to say, Modi’s central government has played a major role in the development of the country through the implementation of these projects.

However, there are so many projects of the central and various state governments that it is not possible for everyone to know the exact information about all the projects. So now these news are more and more popular on social media. In some cases, many people get information about these things even after hearing it from someone’s mouth. But many people fall into many traps without judging the accuracy of information in all cases. Recently, many such fraud incidents have come to the fore from different parts of the country. And this time the press information bureau exposed such a fake news.

For some time now many people have been receiving messages on their mobiles that the central government has launched a scheme through which unemployed young men and women will get Rs 4,000 at one time. To apply for this scheme only Indian citizen and applicant must have passed 10th standard examination and age should be between 18 to 40 years. And to apply for this scheme you are asked to click on a link. However, the Press Information Bureau has stated that this news is completely false. The government agency also warned that these could be a trap for citizens.

Recently, the company disclosed this in a post from the X handle. In this post, PIB said, “This is completely fake news. There is no such scheme being run by the Central Government where the youth will be given Rs.4000. If you get such news on any website then do not listen to that news. Don’t waste your time on these rumours. If you get any such message then delete that message. Or if there is any link in the message then delete that link. Do not click on this link under any circumstances.”

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