Bank Holidays: Banks will be closed for 17 days in December, know RBI’s list of holidays

November is coming to an end. The last week of this month is already going on. The month of November passed in the mood of mild winter and festivities. But the month of December is coming after a few days. As this month is the winter month, there are many festivals in this month. Besides, there are multiple wedding dates in December. Along with that, fairs are held in various places in the month of December. Along with this, many people go for picnic in this month. Many people have many plans for Christmas and English New Year.

And because of these reasons, the market is crowded in the month of December. Especially the clothes and home appliances shops are crowded with customers. And before doing this market, money is needed. So many people do many important things including withdrawing money in the bank in the month before Puja. But in this case it is necessary to remember that in the month of December, all the banks are going to be closed for 17 days. Now check at a glance which days all banks will be closed in the month of December as per Reserve Bank holiday list.

● December 3 – Sunday

● December 4 – Bank in Panaji due to St. Francis Xavier.

● December 9 – Saturday.

● 10 December – Sunday.

● 12 December – There will be a bank holiday in Losung/Pa Togan Nengminja Sangma 


● 13 December – Losung/Pa Togan Nengminja Sangma will be a bank holiday in Shillong.

● December 14 – Gangtok Bank Holiday due to Losung/Pa Togan.

● 17 December – Sunday.

● 18 December – Bank will be in Shillong on U So So Tham’s death anniversary.

● December 19 – Banks will be closed in Panaji due to Goa Liberation Day

● December 23 – Fourth Saturday.

● 24 December – Sunday.

● 25 December – Bank will be closed for Christmas.

● December 26 – Banks will be closed in Aizawl, Kohima, Shillong due to Christmas celebrations.

● December 27 – Banks will be closed in Kohima on account of Christmas.

● December 30 – Banks remain closed in Shillong due to Yu Kiang.

● 31 December – Sunday

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