Alia Bhatt: Who called Alia Bhatt ‘Aluji’?

Aliaa Bhatt’s nickname is Aloo. Many people may think, why is the nickname of a star kid like this? The real reason is that Alia’s childhood identity was not Starkid. There was no social media. Filmy magazines also didn’t fuss about stars’ children. And they grew up like five children. Alia was no exception. He studied in a normal school. Nicknames were also common enough. But Alia still gets fun for that nickname. Recently he was captured by the paparazzi. However, Alia is a little surprised to hear her nickname ‘Aluji’ in the mouth of the paparazzi.

There was a red carpet for the ‘GQ’ event in Mumbai on Wednesday. Aliya was also invited. On this day, she was wearing a short maroon dress. Alia’s cleavage was exposed as the neckline of the sleeveless short dress was deep enough. There were two pockets at the bottom of the dress. It had gold metal detailing. Alia kept her hair open. The eyes were filled with black ink. Alia painted her lips with a nude shade of lipstick. A light blusher was used on the cheekbones. On the left hand was a golden chain-like armlet. Maroon high boots completed Alia’s outfit. On this day, a group of paparazzi requested Alia to pose for their camera.

At that time, when many people addressed him as ‘Aluji’, Alia said with a smile, what has started again! Alia was caught on camera with Karan Johar after a while. Many people ask him, how is Alia’s only daughter Raha. Raha’s mother shows ‘thumbs up’ and says, the girl is fine.

Alia will next be seen in Vasan Bala’s film ‘Jigra’. Alia is also busy with multiple brand endorsements.

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