Aishwarya Rai succumbed to her beauty, the famous heroines were also jealous of Mithun’s wife!

From Tollywood to Bollywood – Once upon a time, the audience used to bask in his majesty. Ticket queues stretched outside the house-full theatres. He is no more ‘disco dancer’ Mithun Chakraborty. This Bengali actor once became the king of Bollywood. At that time, the movie was ‘hit’ in his name. Gradually, the actor became ‘Mahaguru’ in everyone’s mouth. However, not only dance or acting, but also for another subject, his name was in practice. And the reason for that practice was the beauty of his wife Yogeeta Bali.

The Mithun-Yogita relationship equation is slightly different. Born in Mumbai in 1952, this beautiful young woman entered the film sets at an early age. Slowly he made a strong place in Bollywood. And in the midst of this performance, the actress fell in love with singer Kishore Kumar. Their love ended in 1976. Yogita got married to the singer. But that relationship did not last long. Kishore-Yogita’s relationship ended after 2 years. They got divorced in 1978.

However, his life took a turn in the following year. ‘Disco Dancer’ came into the life of the actress. In 1979, she got into a relationship with Mithun Chakraborty. The marriage took place in the same year. Hanging out together, acting in films, enjoying moments of love – everything about this pair was noticed then. And it was at this time that ‘Mahaguru’ began to be studied about the beauty of his Ardhangini. Many people say that the beauty of Mithun-spouse can be beaten even by famous heroines.

Incidentally, Yogita Bali has been away from film sets for many years. He was last seen in the 1989 film ‘Akhri Badla’. He did not act after that. But Mithun is still very fluent in acting. Recently, the movie ‘Butterfly’ starring actor Dev (Dev) was released in theatres.

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