Why the bottons are placed left side in the women shirt?

So tell me the difference between boys’ shirts and girls’ shirts? Boys’ shirts are buttoned on the right. Ever wondered why women’s shirts button on the left side? And that’s why this complaint remains among women, why are the buttons of women’s shirts placed on the left side? It makes it difficult to wear a shirt. So let’s find out the reasons today. Women’s shirt buttons are always on the left side of the shirt. While mentioning the reason for this, experts have talked about various theories at various times.

First, there is a theory that mentions that women hold babies with their left hands. Newborn babies are held in the lap with the left hand.
With the right hand so that they can do other things. During this time, the baby also needs to be breastfed. If the shirt is buttoned on the left side, they can easily unbutton it with the opposite hand. Keeping this in mind, the button of the shirt is placed on the left side. Also, it is said that once upon a time in the western world, people of high class women were hired to groom and dress them. So women never wore clothes by themselves. This is one of the reasons why women’s shirts are on the left side. Because it was convenient for the maids to dress like this. They could quickly press buttons with their right hand. If it was on the left it would have been a problem.

It is said that French Emperor Napoleon’s famous pose is also responsible for this. how about One of Napoleon’s poses shows him tucking his hands into his waistcoat. It meant his dignity. Many French women laughed at Napoleon for this. He also criticized him. That’s why Napoleon ordered shirts for women. The button on this shirt was the opposite of the men’s shirt button. This is how women had to dress. So that they can no longer laugh and sneer.

Various such theories are mentioned. But has anyone ever thought of changing this rule? Has any particular clothing brand responsibly tried to button women’s shirts on the right instead of the left? No such information is directly available. But if you really find it difficult to wear a shirt like this, then you can make your own shirt with the help of Taylor. In that case you can put the shirt button on the right side. How to wear a shirt is convenient.


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