Vidya Balan: Why is Vidya Balan learning Bengali?

Vidya Balan made her acting debut in the Bengali film Bhalo Theko. Navgata Vidya’s performance was liked by everyone at that time. Many thought the southern girl to be Bangatnaya. But Vidya was unemployed for a long time after that. Many used to mock his appearance. Many thought that Vidya might not get a job. But Pradip Sircar’s film ‘Parineeta’ made him popular overnight in Bollywood. The wheel of Vidya’s fortune began to turn. Nowadays films starring Vidya do not require a hero. Because he alone can exist throughout the film.

Vidya, however, once again expressed her desire to act in a Bengali film. He recently came to Kolkata. The crowd thronged to catch a glimpse of him. To everyone’s surprise, Vidya spoke in Bengali. Although there was a mixture of English and Hindi in it. 

She laughed and said, she was learning the Bengali language. Vidya said that his career started in Bengal. Therefore, he wants to work again in Bengali movies. But Vidya thinks that the screenplay should be good. Jokingly, he said, Bengali directors can think of Vidya Balan.

Earlier too, Vidya had expressed her desire to act in Bengali films. She acted in Valo Theko with producer-director-actor Parambrata Chattopadhyay. Later, they shared the screen together again in the Sujoy Ghosh-directed film Kahaani. After that Parambrata directed several films. Talking about this, Vidya said that Paramvrata should think about him.

Vidya has recently released the suspense thriller ‘Niyat’. The film is not a hit at the box office but the screenplay is good enough. Vidya said that she is going to announce her new project very soon.

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