VIDEO: Rachna danced brilliantly in a red dress to the song ‘Lollipop’, fans were surprised to see the video

Social media is a tool for the new generation. Through which various talents can be presented to everyone. Although the old generation people think that this mobile phone is the reason for the excitement of the new generation, if you look a little more closely, you can earn an honest way with the help of the mobile phone at home. Not only that, you can also express your talent, very easily. Housewives have been able to showcase their talent through social media in this way.

No matter how many things go viral on social media, in the earlier days when such stage programs were held, they reached people much later through television. But nowadays, even after watching such programs face to face, if someone wants to sit at home and watch them at home, they can easily watch them through YouTube. Currently, there is a lot of demand for such Haryanvi songs along with other songs, but the master dancers here dance to the rhythm of that song.

Through social media like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, videos reach everyone’s homes, we have noticed earlier that Ranu Mandal in Ranaghat, became famous for the song ‘Badam Badam’. Badam Kaku everyone but this way got embedded in people’s minds. If you also want to spread your talent to everyone, then you can definitely use social media. Then you don’t have to worry about reaching people separately. Recently people’s interest in Harianvi dance has increased tremendously. Rachna Tiwari’s amazing dance has gone viral on social media.

Rachna Tiwari once again won everyone’s hearts by wearing a red salwar kameez. We all have seen Rachna Tiwari’s dance in the world of dance. The fact that this dancer comes on stage means that the heat of the stage increases to a great extent, it is not worth telling the truth, he is an absolute master in winning people’s hearts by showing his body grooves. So you can watch the quick video without delay. Once you see this video, you will want to watch it again and again.

The video has reached everyone through this YouTube channel ‘Shilpi Tiwari Sonotek’. If you wish, you can also check out this wonderful dance video, thousands of people have watched it and everyone has appreciated it in the comments.

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