Urfi Javed: Lightning without clouds! The police suddenly picked up Urfi from the middle of the road!

Urfi Javed (Urfi Javed) is in danger again. The social media sensation was arrested by the Mumbai police. He had to be arrested on charges of walking around in public streets wearing extra short clothes, and sharing pictures and videos on social media. He was picked up by two women policemen from the streets of Mumbai. The whole incident was caught on paparazzi’s camera. And that video went viral as soon as it was shared on social media.

Urfi was often caught by paparazzi on the streets of Mumbai. Earlier, he was often seen at the Mumbai airport. Now, of course, he no longer faces Urfi. However, when they see him, the photographers run with their cameras in the hope of seeing him. Urfi also does not disappoint them. Now he walks around in the open daylight wearing all the strange clothes. But while doing this, Urfi was in danger. He was taken from the road to the police station.

A video from the account of a famous paparazzi is currently going viral on social media. It is seen there that Urfi is involved in an argument with the police. She was wearing a backless red crop top and jeans. The idea of ​​this top is also his brainchild. It can be seen in the video, that two female police officers came forward after seeing Urfi and told him that he should go with them to the police station. There is a complaint against him for wearing so little clothes. Palta Urfi said, that how he will dress is his choice. Although the rhetoric was of no use. They took Urfi along with him and took him to the car.

It didn’t take long for the news of Urfi’s arrest to spread. But after seeing the video, many have expressed doubt, is the incident true? One wrote, that the entire drama can be understood by watching the policemen’s performance. According to another person, Urfi did this for publicity. He arranged for the police to arrest him. However, after the video went viral, Urfi did not open his mouth about it.

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