Mother-Daughter Dance Video | Mother daughter dance in dhitang dhitang bole song netizens are impressed to see the video

The mother-daughter duo is very nice to see in the audience. Due to which their various activities have become highly viral now. Virtually everything from dance to music now comes before us instantly. That’s why again an incredibly beautiful video of mother-daughter has come forward. The audience’s heart melted after seeing their dance.

At the beginning of the viral video, the mother-daughter duo was seen dancing in the open roof. The way her little daughter has danced in sync with her mother is really surprising. This performance of the small artist in the famous Bengali song has melted the hearts of the netizens. The little girl’s name is Breonna.

And his mother’s name is Paramita. The duo danced to the famous Bengali song ‘Dhitang Dhitang Bole’. Both of them are wearing red sarees and blouses. Along with that, a beautiful outfit, a head of flowers and a great expression will beat practically anything. This video was uploaded a couple of years ago.

This video was uploaded from their own YouTube channel named ‘Paramita & Breonna’. So far 4.6 million people have watched this video. Little Breonna is highly praised by all. Be sure to watch this beautiful video.


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