Howrah: Howrah-Tikiapara’s new line was launched! Passengers will be freed from suffering

India is the most populous country in the world. So people in India have to travel from one place to another every day. And at present, Indian Railways plays one of the important roles in the public transport system of our country. Almost every day millions of people across the country reach certain destinations by train. Indian Railways ranks fourth in the world in terms of passenger traffic. From as far away as Jammu to Kanyakumari, Assam to Rajasthan – rail links are spread everywhere. And in this vast country, the railway system is operational all the days of the year.

Many types of trains run under Indian Railways. Just as one can go from one place of city or district to another place or from one district to another district by local train, similarly one can go from one state to another state by express train. Among these are also superfast and semi-high speed trains. And we have to take train from Howrah and Sealdah to go to various destinations in the state. But in most cases the passengers have to catch the train from Howrah. Howrah is also one of the main destinations for coming to Kolkata.

But before coming to Howrah station, you have to cross Tikiapara station. And since this station is before Howrah, so a train is stopped at Tikipara station or between Howrah and Tikipara stations to get the platform empty at Howrah Junction. In particular, local trains are kept at a standstill for long periods to keep the line clear for long-distance express or superfast trains. As a result, the passengers have to face extreme problems. Therefore, the demand for the fourth line from Tikiapara to Howrah has been coming up for a long time.

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media. The video was taken by a passenger from a local train Ebbing claims that the train was entering Howrah station on the fourth line from Tikiapara. However, the authenticity of the video could not be verified. However, a few days ago, the news was received that the work of this fourth line had started, according to the sources of Howrah Rail Division. And passengers will get rid of the suffering of train delays only when this line is fully operational.

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