Car Wash Tips: Save money and wash your car at home, just follow these 5 tips

People’s lifestyle is changing with time. And one part of that lifestyle is convenience in transportation. That is why the demand for cars in the Indian market is increasing day by day even among the common people. Now more or less everyone prefers to travel in their own car. So everyone tends to buy their preferred car according to their ability. Many people are now looking towards buying electric cars in view of the increasing price of fuel. Many people are relying on petrol cars. The point is, the number of cars in the house is now increasing.

Diwali is the festival of lights. So many people buy new cars before this festival, so many people also clean their old cars during this time. Some do this at home to save money. But if you don’t keep a few things in mind while washing the car, you will face problems in many ways. Check out some important car washing tips in this article.

● Use of clean water: Many people use the same water when washing a car. But it should be remembered that if water mixed with dust is applied repeatedly on the car, it will damage the car’s paint.

● Use of different types of brushes: Different shapes of brushes should be used while washing the car. Only then the dust accumulated in the corners of the car will be properly cleaned.

● Washing the car from above: Before washing the car remember to always wash from the roof of the car. By doing this, the car can be thoroughly cleaned.

● Using the right wash liquid: Do not wash the car with ordinary soaps or detergents to maintain the car’s color and shine properly. In this case, proper liquid wash should be used.

● Careful washing of sensitive parts: While cleaning the bonnet of the car, care should be taken so that water does not enter any part of the engine or the battery. So this part of the car should be washed carefully.

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