Beautiful Girl Dance | Beautiful girl Bisakha Baidya danced on jhumur jhumur nupur baaje bengali song viral video

There are certain songs that make us want to dance. Whether it’s at a puja pandal or at a wedding, listening to that song makes the heart happy. And nowadays, almost everyone from beautiful young women to little girls have gone viral many times by dancing to that old song on social media. But this time it is the turn of a beautiful woman who has reached thousands of people through her dance.

In a video that has gone viral through YouTube, it is seen that a beautiful Boudi has danced extensively to the song ‘Jhumur Jhumur Nupur Baje’ from the movie ‘Manik’ in a great outfit. She was wearing a blue-red lehenga and blue color work matching chali. Her magnificent dance in the beautiful open field is bound to captivate the mind effortlessly. That’s not all, Visakha appeared in the guise of a new bride after matching bangles, waist braces, necklaces, red tips on the forehead, vermilion on the head.

There are some special steps in the rhythm of the song which Vishakha has done so well that it is bound to steal the hearts of the audience. Her sweet expression impressed the audience the most. The video was uploaded just 4 months ago from a channel called ‘Bisakha Official’. Already 2.9 lakh people have seen this beautiful dance.

Almost everyone has filled this video with thousands of likes and comments. Someone wrote – ‘Didi dances beautifully with amazing expressions’. And the second person wrote – ‘You have no answer.’ Not only this but you can watch a variety of more beautiful dance videos on Vishakha channels that will fill your mind effortlessly.


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