Regain Your Hair By Doing These Homemeade Tricks Naturally

Amla Or Indian Gooseberry 

It Contains Omega 3 & Antioxidants

Rich With Vitamic C

Naturally Helps To Grow Hair From Root To Top

Apply Amla's Juice or Oil directly on hair before 10 minutes of bath , wash it with shampoo

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel reduces dandruff

Helps to balance the ph factor on the sclap

Promotes new hair

Apply before the shampoo in hair

Keep it on hair for atleast 30 minutes

Wash your hair with mild shampoo

Rosemerry Oil

Full of Antiinflamatory & Anti-fungal substances

Reduces sclap itches 

Helps to glow hair

Apply before bath on hair and massage your sclap up to 10 minutes

Wash your hair by mild shampoo

Almond Oil

Full of organic Vitamin E

Rich with Fatty acid, Omega-3 & Omega-6

Helps to lifts the blood flow in sclap and deep the thickness of hair

Apply before bath on hair and wash your hair with lukewarm water

It will reduces grey hair and prevents hair fall, will strenghthen your hair

Apply these 4 ingredients on your hair in alternatives day and look the differences within month

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